weScroll is basic a sliding gallery based on jQuery and Cubiq's iScroll aimed to bring a native sliding experience to both desktop and mobile browsers. Using jQuery to offer the standard functionality for desktop browsers and Cubiq's iScroll to offer touch functionality for mobile webkit browsers (iPhone, iPad and Android).

Using weScroll

To use weScroll, you can download this .rar. Included is jQuery 1.4.4 (with DivBox) and iScroll.

On your phone

qrcodeCheck out this example by scanning the QR code or navigating to this site on your iPhone, iPad or Android. weScroll for phones uses iScroll to enable the user to scroll through the gallery without having to push buttons. Users can simply use the normal drag and drop (or flick) gesture to scroll through the gallery.

See also

Although the simplicity of this setup might be easy for a quick copy and paste, much more can be achieved by either using your own combination of iScroll and jQuery or implementing jQuery's Touch Scroll plugin. Do notice that the latter is designed for vertical scrolling only and will not suffice to recreate the example as illustrated above.